July 20, 2012


by Cameron Pierce
100 pages, Erasorhead Press

Review by Hereward L.M. Proops

How far is too far? That's a question that Cameron Pierce has clearly never asked himself. I didn't know what I was letting myself in for when I bought “GargoyleGirls of Spider Island”. To be honest, it was the title that grabbed my attention. I was expecting something goofy and trashy but I was taken aback by this little novella.

What starts as a relatively trashy story of a group of wealthy, beautiful American students getting stranded on a tropical island quickly descends into an utterly depraved gross-out orgy of epic proportions. Nothing (and I mean nothing) is sacred in this book. The gargoyle girls of the title are the native inhabitants of the island. Tall, busty, tanned beauties, they are also capable of morphing into fleshy, grotesque, tentacled monstrosities dripping with slime and covered in hungry vaginas...with teeth. The gargoyle girls are into rape in a big way. They keep a harem of inbred male slaves to satisfy their voracious appetites and when they come across the stranded college kids, they do what comes (un)naturally to them. Asses are fisted, nipples are bitten off, whole limbs are devoured by the slavering fanged vaginas. Pus, blood and faeces all feature heavily and are sprayed about in stomach-churning quantities. There's one particular scene where a man is set upon by two of the creatures and is literally f*cked in half. There's stuff going on in this book that would make the Marquis de Sade blush. In all honesty, there are more than a few scenes I wish I could un-read because they are now seared into my memory and I don't think I'll be forgetting them in a hurry.

And then, two thirds of the way through the book (yes, I actually finished it), amongst all the bodily fluids and raw flesh being penetrated six ways from Sunday, it dawned on me. This isn't a book so much as an elaborate, long-winded joke like “The Aristocrats”. It is so over-the-top and blatantly obscene that it is impossible to take it seriously. It isn't a particularly well-written story and even some of the truly revolting descriptions of depraved acts lack the polish and artfulness one would expect to see in a genuine horror novel. No, it is unfair to judge “Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island” the same way we would approach a horror novel. Any trace of plot and characterisation vanishes fairly early on, as though Pierce doesn't need to concern himself with such inconveniences when there are c*cks to be snapped in half and vagina-faced babies to be shat out.

It takes a lot to shock me. I'm a very liberal person and I wouldn't consider myself to be easily offended. Did this book shock me? Yes. Am I offended? A little bit, but given that this seems to be Pierce's sole intention in writing the story, it makes sense that I was left feeling that way. Job done, Mr. Pierce.

I won't be buying another one of Cameron Pierce's books in a hurry (even if Amazon is now recommending that I download his highly acclaimed “Ass Goblins of Auschwitz”). It wasn't a good piece of writing and whilst it made me laugh out loud on several occasions, I am well aware that this book will appal far more people than it will entertain. Still, there's bound to be some folks out there who will find this little book worth a giggle or two. And there has to be some merit in a novel where, at the end of the story, the heroine proudly announces that she has an “ass cl*t”. More tea, Vicar?

Hereward L.M. Proops

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